The inception of Boxelware


Early History

Avorion started out on December 31st 2011, when koonschi had an idea for a game that would combine two of his most loved games: Minecraft and X. It was developed as a one man hobby project alongside his studies of computer science at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Nuremberg. Six months later a website was set up, a name was found, and the first demo was released. More and more demo versions have been released over time, building a small community of fans.


During this time of development, Hannes, the musician for Avorion, joined koonschi and started composing the first tracks for Avorion. The development of Avorion continued, slowly but steadily. Finally all the boring stuff had been resolved and enough features and visuals were in, so the trailer could be made. Avorion was put on Steam Greenlight and a second developer, Philipp has joined the team. Now the company, Boxelware, was founded and we’re ready and set to focus on the development of our first game: Avorion.

Avorion Teaser Trailer