The inception of Boxelware



The second DLC for Avorion is out now! Explore the rifts in new missions, experience a new story line, hire new captain classes and and much, much more! Check the DLC out on Steam!

Early History

Avorion started out on December 31st 2011, when koonschi had an idea for a game that would combine two of his most loved games: Minecraft and X. It was developed as a one man hobby project alongside his studies of computer science at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Nuremberg. Six months later a website was set up, a name was found, and the first demo was released. More and more demo versions have been released over time, building a small community of fans.


Steam Greenlight

During this time of development, Hannes, the musician for Avorion, joined Koonschi and started composing the first tracks for Avorion. The development of Avorion continued, slowly but steadily. Finally all the boring stuff had been resolved and enough features and visuals were in, so the trailer could be made. Avorion was put on Steam Greenlight and got greenlit!

This first success made it clear: Avorion had a chance. So Koonschi got a second developer, Philipp, to help out and together they started Boxelware!


Kickstarter Campaign

Next step in the development of Avorion was to produce a playable demo. Version 0.8 got released January 2016 on the Avorion Website. After a few more updates to improve gameplay and visuals the team decided to start a Kickstarter campaign – and got funded!


Early Access on Steam

In January 2017 we released Avorion in Early Access on Steam. Since then a lot of development happened – Tons of new features like alliances, a multi-threaded architecture, new combat mechanics involving specialized enemies, torpedoes and fighter squadrons, story missions and bosses and many more! Check out Avorion on Steam if you want to know more about the game.
During this time the team grew, and now features four developers, a game designer and a community manager. Additionally we have a part-time developer that helps out with the technical bits and always one or two interns.


Full Release on Steam and Humble Store

On March 9th was the big day! Avorion left Early Access! With a tremendous 91% positive review rate, Avorion is now starting into its final phase. Boxelware will further maintain the game for at least a year. Several free content updates and one or two DLCs are planned.


Update 2.0

Avorion has now undergone so many improvements that it was ready to have a 2 in front of its version number. This update contains so many Quality of Life features, e.g. a much improved UI, so many improved features and tons of new features. The gameplay feels smoother than ever!

Avorion Launch Trailer