These are the guys bringing you Avorion.
We’re also working closely with our composer, Hannes Kretzer.

Konstantin ‘koonschi’ Kronfeldner 
Founder, Lead Developer

Inventor of Avorion, jack of all gamedev trades, coder and driving force of the game. Big fan of C++, Star Wars and heavy metal music. He’s the main Avorion game designer, idea maker and in charge of the gameplay development and performance.
Nick is pronounced ‘konshi’, just in case you were wondering.

Philipp ‘qui_sum’ Erhardt 

Gifted with a calm, analytical mind, he’s the one who always knows what to do when things get stuck or out of control. Walking library for all things unix and technical, Philipp is the dev for tools, linux, backend and graphics features. Master of silly puns.
He also wrote his own pdf viewer.

Margareta ‘cepheni’ Büche

Marga has many roles: She takes care of the community, develops, is our hard-working team assistant and takes care of all things that sometimes occur outside the normal development cycle, such as conferences. She also takes care of bug reports and all other things the community has to tell us.

Susanne ‘soratina’ Bertling  

Susi actually has a teaching degree for English, History and Biology. But she went back to university for a degree in computer science after realizing her love for games was just too strong. She still likes teaching, though, and is a horseback vaulting coach in her free time.

Felix ‘schiebi’ Schieber
Game Designer

Walking encyclopedia (“I recently watched a documentary on YouTube about…”). He not only loves playing video games – especially multiplayer – since he was a little “schiebi”, but also regularly attends live role-playing events. Twice a week he has to eat Dürüm kebab. That’s his law.

Susanna ‘Sue’ Balbaschova
Community & PR

She loves people and takes care of all the problems that are coming up. No matter which kind of problem you have, she’ll solve it. If you are searching for her, then Twitch and Instagram are probably the fastest ways to find her. And even if she looks like an Instagram Barbie, don‘t you dare to underestimate her skills in Gaming. She doesn‘t like that. Really not.