Meet the Team! We’re also working closely with our composer, Hannes Kretzer.

Konstantin ‘koonschi’ Kronfeldner 
Founder, Lead Developer

Inventor of Avorion, jack of all gamedev trades, coder and driving force of the game. Big fan of C++, Star Wars and heavy metal music. He’s the main Avorion game designer, idea maker and in charge of the gameplay development and performance.
Nick is pronounced ‘konshi’, just in case you were wondering.

Philipp ‘qui_sum’ Erhardt 

Gifted with a calm, analytical mind, he’s the one who always knows what to do when things get stuck or out of control. Walking library for all things unix and technical, Philipp is the dev for tools, linux, backend and graphics features. Master of silly puns.
He also wrote his own pdf viewer.

Margareta ‘cepheni’ Schieber

Maggy has many roles: She takes care of the community, develops, is our hard-working team assistant and takes care of all things that sometimes occur outside the normal development cycle, such as conferences. She also takes care of bug reports and all other things the community has to tell us.

Hans Spath

He always had a passion for games and software development and recently took the courage to combine them in his profession. Hans likes playing around with tooling, algorithms and debugging. Also, he sometimes participates in competitive programming events for fun.

Jan Storm

Jan has always been interested in the technology required to make a game run. That includes implementing engine systems and making gameplay features a reality. Outside of that, he particularly enjoys watching movies and TV-shows as well as listening to their soundtrack.

Felix ‘schiebi’ Schieber
Game Designer

Walking encyclopedia (“I recently watched a documentary on YouTube about…”). He not only loves playing video games – especially multiplayer – since he was a little “schiebi”, but also regularly attends live role-playing events. Twice a week he has to eat Dürüm kebab. That’s his law.

Mark Lacina
Game Designer

He was born into gaming, one of his oldest memories is playing Mega Man 2 on NES together with his father. Since then his love for retro games and pixel graphics has only increased over time. Besides gaming his passions include: Horror Movies and Heavy Metal Music. His duties include Game, UI and UX Design.

Sydney Murphy
2D/3D Art Generalist

Sydney works on the visual aspects of our games. She identifies as some sort of artist and aspires to either become an expert at something or good enough at everything. Working towards this goal, she has become a serial online course buyer and starter, though she has yet to finish one…

Kai Schüz
Junior 2D/3D Art Generalist

Kai is very passionate about art and likes to work in both 2D and 3D. Besides ever-shifting interests he’s into Game Jams, Creature Design, Tabletop RPGs, and coming up with stories and worldbuildings.

Anja Heinzelmann
Project Assistant

Anja takes care of all administrative and organisational tasks. Allowing for our team to work without any distractions and making sure that we are represented at conferences and other events. Besides taking the heat off our team, she likes to repeatedly re-watch and re-read her favourite TV-shows and books, since she is convinced that you can never do this too often.

Jan Martens
Working Student

Calm and too tall for the seat spacing in public transportation. A big fan of RPG‘s and Strategy Games since childhood. Knights of the old Republic, Battle for Middle Earth and Empire at War started it all. When he isn’t nerding out about games, he probably geeks about movies or music. Jan wanders around the depths of the bugtracker hunting for bugs and takes every opportunity to help with game design.

Justin Mandosik
Working Student

Justin merges his enthusiasm for game development with a strong interest in filmmaking and music. Preferring the quiet focus of nighttime work over early mornings, he’s dedicated to perfecting his craft in 3D art and evolving in his creative journey.